That Céline Colorblock Coat

Is to die for.
 The length, the colors, the detailing on the back and the .. yeah you get the picture.

holy makaroney

Ibland kommer man i kontakt med ren perfektion. This is one of those days.
Hade dom skorna och den tröjan funnits i min ägo skulle jag dock kanske, eller antagligen burit ett par grå/svarta jeans istället!

Streetstyle Fall edition

STHLM streetstyle har varit ute och fotat as usual och jag fann två softa outfits som jag gärna hade sprungit runt i nu i höst, samt dom snyggaste skorna ever. Känner mig otroligt sugen på läder för tillfället. Behöver båda brallor, gärna slim-loose-fit och ett par snygga pjucks med snörning.


Clean and chic

I'll bet she's French, they tend to be.

Leather skirt

Have a leather skirt, very similiar to this abow, that i paid 150 SEK for can you belive it? Not even vintage.
This outfit is supercool, would absolutely wear it I mean it's black, best color.( or is it even a color? who knows)
Would maybe do some alterations, change shoes, not that i don't like them but i think maybe a sneaker wedge would be so much more nice. And the glasses i do not like, but apart from that, COOL OUTFIT!

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