That's me. The best pair of pants are these high waist : skinny : black pants from CUBUS
( Milla jean 399:- ) bought an extra pair a couple of days ago. You can thank me later.

See by Chloé


Think I need this.


Just putted my books away

So tired. I'm gonna take a bath soon. First, coffe and strawberrys. ENERGY, please.

You've got mail

Got an e-mail from H&M "your order is on it's way" I needed to think for like five minutes before i remembered, it's THE SNEAKERS and the way to cool shades, YAY! It's dangerous to do online shopping especially when the delivery date is one month away but FUN FUN FUN.

colorful spring


Serina don't just have a cool name,

she is kinda' FLY 2!

Coffe with my busy em

my new teacher rocks

assignment for next week: Listen to Hurricane with Bob Dylan and explain how you can connect it to the term sustainabillity

Love the song. One of my hobbies: translate and understand songlyrics. The purpose. The meaning. Bob is amazing. Listen, really listen to the songs and you will understand. Think that's why I don't like new music. The feeling is not there.


new obsession

Todays "YAY" moment was when i found this dumle lollipop in my bag (from Yaki-da last night!)

My first converse

in textile.

Love my new sweater, Acne men's dep.

miroslava duma

On her way to Tommy Hilfiger, wearing Hilfiger. Not really a brand i use to prefer but this knitwear IS SO COOL.

Hi guys

Just came home from a lovely dinner at Yaki-da with lulu. I had the tuna, it was absolutely amazing. Brought my camera but forgot to take pictures. So nice to just go out and have dinner with friends. Hang out, talk and eat. More of that. Now I am going to sleep. Work tomorrow at Frölunda with Johanna, fun fun !

Tomorrow I will also show you my "new-in-s" so stay tuned ♥

Marni for H&M are Launching soon

and I'm gonna make a BIG effort to get my hands on this amazing necklace.

Pic. columbine.

Do It Yourself!

Inspired by miansai. Think these bracelets are so cute and the best thing is that you can do them yourself. see instructions here. Think that I will give it a try in some poppy color like lime or orange , maybe both!

It's mine.

Acne men's departement.

Bought it in XL wanted it to be oversized. I will wear it with skinny jeans and heels and gold details. I'll show you someday.

Vogue paris march 2012

Lara Stone by Mikael Jansson
Styled by Anastasia Barbieri

Acne pop jeans.

Columbine smille.

Need these jeans.


Abbey Lee Kershaw by Norman Jean Roy // US Vogue feb 2012

She's so cool.

rainbow hair

The Single Life

Taylor Swift by Mario Testino // US Vogue feb 2012

can't get this look out of my head

Miroslava Duma


This neclace from monki gives me a little Proenza vibe (remember the rope bracelets?) Think it's supercool.

Proenza Schouler fall 2012 r-t-w

Hanging on again. Love that page. If you want to stay updated on what happens in the fashionworld then it is the place to be. For a couple of days ago a saw the blue look (low middle) fronted on but didn't have time to look trough Proenza then. But today i did. Don't think I have to write anything else, i'll let you make your own opinion on this one,

Topshop Unique AW12

Amazing. Think they were spot on and this is exacly how I want to look this AW. Maybe I will add some poppy color to these looks but in general this show was in my opinion. SPOT ON. Perfect. Love the jackets. LOVE THEM. And all. Want it all. But do you know what the best part is?
Just want to add another note. The shoes. And the sweaters. And the pants. Okey i will stop. Think you've got the idea..


Love you guys

Linn om in the summer time, Såg dig häromdagen inne på raglady när du jobbade när jag var i göteborg. Så feg som jag är vågade ja inte hälsa på dig haha, men ville bara säga att din blogg e G R Y M, får mycket inspiration här och har följt den i typ 3 år nu! Kram på dig!!

Tack för den här kommentaren, made my day♥

The perfect wallet.

The black one, please. loved the ruffled leather.

Tommy Ton takes on London

in the details

The skirt. and the sweater. and her.


Love this kind of limeish-neon type of color! What do you think about my little put together collage? haha i'm trying at least. The neclace do I not know where it is from but the earrings are from Shourouk (net-a-porter)

in the summer time


Columbine Smille has it @Net-a-porter. In my opinion she's amazing and one of the leading fashionistas right now. I think it's fun when a WW-fashion page like net-a-porter decides to do a feature on her. Think she has IT, the final touch that makes her work amazing. I mean have you opened Styleby? if not YOU SHOULD.

Alexander Wang Fall 2012 R-T-W

It did not take me long until i found another favourite in the Fall collections; Alexander Wangs. I think the collection screams wang and I really like the bourdeaux color that he used ( have the same on my nails right now ) The turtle neck in fishnet material is really nice. Liked that he used the fishnet, BIG TRENDFACTOR , which we can also see in his previous collection, and made a turtle neck of it( another thing thats hot and in right now). A good designer is defined by his ability to take something old and turn it in to something "NEW" and Wang has succeded once again.

3.1 Phillip LIM FALL 2012 R-T-W

Looked over some of my previous designer favourites and their r-t-w fall collections and one I really liked (so far) is 3.1 Phillip Lim. He knows good design and most important he knows woman and what we like. The design he presents is always classy and stylish, really chic if you ask me and i think that there is one piece for every woman in his collections. For me, I wouldn't mind having it all. I have a lot of fashion shows to go through(been so busy) so I will return with more FAVS later!♥


Is like the prescious thing I have. Sorry I meant WardrobES. There are 4 of them PLUS a horse (you can hang clothes on it, mine is this one from IKEA  ) as we who are damaged by Zara says. Like I've told you before, I left the citylife for two weeks and are spending all of my free time in my parents house with the cats. THE PROBLEM, the biggest problem is that I need my clothes. Every little garment is important. One day I feel like wearing something crazy like flared jeans and a rose-covered top and be inspired by the hippiestyle and sometimes I want my sleek coat with just a T-shirt and black pants. The next day I want to wear my orange that i don't use often but when i want it I REALLY WANT IT. I don't know how much clothes mean to you but how i feel reflect on what I wear. So I guess you see the problemo. One thing that often soothes me when I feel like this is to buy something new, but I can't do that everyday for two weeks, or can I ? maybe i can just post the bill to my parents house, that would be so nice. #DREAMGIRL


I really appreciate good basics. Like this sweater from Etoile by Isabel Marant would fit perfectly into my wardrobe.

Wear it with black pants (love it if they're a little washed out in the color or ripped by the knees) and pair it with some nice heels and there you have a nice basic outfit. So easy to get dressed in the morning if you've got your basics in order.

Bought a crazy pair of pants today.

I'll show you tomorrow. They're so nice, look lika pyjamapants !

prints; big this spring/summer


the row









What do you think about logo T-shirts? I think it is okay if you make it part of your outfit and NOT the center piece. Do you know what i mean? Think it could be cool with like a nice blazer or with a big necklace in crazy colors or with like the perfect pop jeans from acne. What I don't like is when you wear it like "look at my T-shirt" It's hard to explain and let me now if you didn't follow!

Which is your favorite? Think the white would fit my closet best but the mustard would add some desperately needed color.. What do you think? Speak your mind !


Invest in gold details this spring/summer.
Start with this belt from Zara.

The Relaunch of Vogue France

OMG i DIED. mademoiselle Agnès och Emmanuelle Alt, so cool chicks.


An important technique for me is to use colors when I take notes in class. More fun and alot easier to remember things. NOTE to myself, buy a blue one.

You look great

wide pants

Pants Zara // T-shirt Monki // Necklace H&M

Campbells Soup

Made the best fish soup yesterday with vegetables, fish and shrimps. It was amazing. So easy. Heat up one campbells lobster soup. Follow instructions and mix it out with water. Pour in some milk (and a touch of cream) . Chop leek and carrots thin. Heat up the soup, salt and pepper after taste. Right before serving ( about 5 minutes ) add the fresh fish. IMPORTANT note ; the soup should be hot and steam but NOT BOIL it will mash up the fish.
If you want to give it a little more taste you can add tomato puree & fish bouillon.



The perfect black.

Isabel Marant // mytheresa


A trend i will follow: NEONDELUXE

Love the combination of stones and neon. NEONDELUXE. I will match this with a loose T-shirt & jeans and the built in wedge sneakers that i ordered from H&M this summer! A tan would be nice to.

Necklace Vanessa Arizaga // Earings TOPSHOP // Bracelet Vanessa Arizaga

If you like this trend , keep your eyes open in topshop stores.You can find really good cheaper alternatives there. I saw the prettiest necklace in store the other day , it sold out SUPERDUPERFAST online. GOSH this post reminded me. i really need that necklace.

two WEEKS.

Sitting in my parents house.  I'm driving them to the airport in about an hour. For two weeks I'll swap my citylife and apartement in Gothenburg to a house in Onsala. Nice views and relaxed mode here and all that but I'm totally a "city type" kind of gal'. On the bright side I have my two kitties here ♥ GOSH I feel isolated and miss my home already.

Do like Emma Elwin and use 2 coats at the same time

Smart for those of you, including me, that hate wearing downjackets.


love the combo.

This girl, Ellinor, has such a lovely jacket. wonder if it's the one i saw at H&M, or was it Zara? maybe non of them, Do you know?

Pics from /stockholmstreetstyle/&Thelocals


my neighbors are having a party.

Now they are playing "jumper - när hela världen står utanför" kill me. Fun that i stayed home today just so I could go to bed early. I even turned down dinner at my parents house GOD i regret that now.


with cheap monday.

days like this

Worked. Stressed home. Took a bath. Did my make-up. Got tired. Called Em. Raincheck. Washed my face. Pyjama. NOW : PANCAKES.

Celine Pre-Fall 2012

I can barely find words. I think this is going to be THE collection on everybodys lips this fall. LOVE the blue color on the jacket, and the model. Love every single piece.


forgot to tell you that i order a  pair of black round glasses at H& too. Want to have more than my gold RyaBan pilot, that I BTW love, to chose from this summer. Thought these from asos was kinda fun!


should I ?


I bought these lovely shoes from H& today! I've been looking for white shoes with a build in wedge ever since a saw a pair on the dries van noten show ( think it was about 2007) so i'm supderduper happy now! 299 SEK is a bananasrama price to BOOOM!

Buy a pair you 2, sneakers with a wedge is gonna be big this spring/summer! just look at these from the Marc Jacobs spring R-T-W show. Convinced yet? if not, you can check out Isabel Marant on!


This necklace from topshop is to die for.

Vintage belt

Found in my moms closet.

DONE studying for today

What to do now? Maybe i should take some photos of my outfit today. Yeah. See you in a bit!

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